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Many festival workshops only offer an opportunity to hear instructors demonstrate a few techniques and answer a lot of questions. We don't do that; we try to have everyone actively involved in learning the elements of one song and playing that song for the festival audience.

Volunteer instructors from the professional bands who play the festival lead a two-hour instruction on an instrument they play. Each instrument gets its own class, so there could be banjo instruction in one corner of the courthouse lawn, a bass class opposite, and so on. The instruments taught will vary each year depending on the band line-up, so bring your instruments of choice, just in case!

The workshops are FREE! Players of any level are welcome (yes, even people just starting to learn).

The 2016 workshop song will be "Ain't no body goin to miss me".

Once I had a little sweetheart I love dearly
We planned the day when she would be my own
Another man he stole my darlin from me
And there ain't nobody gonna miss me when I'm gone

   Oh there ain't nobody gonna miss me when I'm gone
   There ain't nobody gonna mourn for me too long
   Oh won't you write these words upon my tombstone
   There ain't nobody gonna miss me when I'm gone

I had a loving mother dear and daddy
They've gone to live where the angels love to dwell
They found eternal life up there in Heaven
Where I'll find my reward no one can tell

Now you've been faithful kind and true to me old Copper
You're the only one that's never done me wrong
I am weeping while I pat your head old Copper
For there ain't nobody gonna miss me when I'm gone